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curly hair products
Color Lover
curly hair products
Color Lover

Curly Hair Products: Many folks with curly hair want therir curls a little strnger and a little better defined. And they want them to HOLD instead of to just fade away.

  • about naturally curly hair
  • about permed curly hair
As hair changes from straight to a loose curl to a tighter curl the cross section of the hair goes from round to oval and then progressively flattens. Curly hair needs this change from round to ovel and then to a flattened oval to be curly. No oval - no naturally curly hair.--- No flattened oval - NO naturally curlier hair. In you have naturally curly hair you need the oval shape change to give you the curls. However this flattening of the cross section of your hair also can also make you hair feel scratchy (dry) whenever you run your fingers through your hair. If your hair feels dry it is prbably just your normal hair. AND, if you are normal, you don't want that dry feeling in your hair or scrathyness on you fingers. That's why you need Color Lover Curl Shampoo and Color Lover Curl Conditioner. You keep your curl and get rid of the scratchy feel caused by that flattened oval cross section of your naturally curly hair.
Permed curly hair is different than naturally curly hair. The perm rods are used to stress the bonds inside of the hair shaft. Then the permanent waving solution breaks the internal cross bonds so the stress is released and the bonds can move to a new "un-stressed" and now curly position, inside of your hair shaft. The neutralizer then reforms the bonds, permanetly in their new position. Hence the name PERM. You should note here, that the cross sectional shape of your hair before the perm is the same as the cross sectional shape after the perm, so you may or may not have a scratchy feeling on your fingers when you run them through your hair. It all depends on the amount of natural curl you started with before your perm.

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