Color Lover Adds Shine To Your Hair

Color Lover Adds Shine To Your Hair  ... at the salon ... & at home!

  • when you are shampooing with Color Lover Shampoo you see the shine
  • when you are conditioning with Color Lover Conditioner you see the shine
  • when you are combing out the towel dried hair you see the shine
  • when you add Color Lover Hair Primer you see the shine
         Our clients reportthat you also get:
    • feel better hair ("It's my hair only it feels better.") and
    • hair that stops breaking!
  • Our clients talk about the shine they are seeing after using Color Lover Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Primer at home!
  • Remember you see shine when the light hits you hair -no light - on reflection - no shine.

You can add shine to your hair in 1 of 2 ways: BY Pearl Shine Spray
  • you can build it in with your Color Lover Hair Products
  • ---- or ----
  • you can spray it on after your hair is dry with Framesi BY Pearl SHINE Spray and By Framesi SHINE Spray  

  1-7oz By Framesi Pearl SHINE Spray   $  18.00  20.00

Color Lover hair primerColor Lover Hair Products make your hair into Feel Good Hair and gives your  With MORE Shine!

You can get healthier looking hair with more shine. You also get Feel Better Hair just by adding Color Lover Hair Primer to whatever you are doing right now. However when you want Really Feel Good Hair with more shine start with Framesi Color Lover Shampoo and Color Lover Conditioner. It is just like building a house. First you need to be sure you have a stable foundation by removing all of the old products and getting back down to your the hair itself. You also adjust the foundation with your Color Lover Shampoo before pouring the slab (adding the Color Lover Conditioner).  (as seen on Hair Matters .us Curly Hair page.)

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